Towards automated audio to score transcription — Audio-to-score alignment

Tetris Cube and n-dimensional Tetris

OS Life

HackMIT - Wifree

Travelling ... and now?

Unearthed Hackathon 2017

Collatz Conjecture

WSL Windows Interoperability

Maths on the web (Mathjax, MathML etc)

Setting up the new site with AWS, Jekyll, and WSL

An Arduino IDE Alternative

HM-11 Breakout Update

Laser rangefinder

Laser rangefinder (camera implementation)

HM-11 BLE Breakout

The new control system [with video of robot balancing]

Sanyo projector teardown

Deriving the derivative

Bluetooth. You get what you pay for--usually.

The new ball: an old ball

Ballbot Balancing -- but not very well

Finally - the hardware is almost complete

Motors singing in harmony - Pachelbel's canon

Omnidirectional control

MPU-9250 Troubles

Ballbot - Soldering the PCBs

Retirement of the PiBot

The Ballbot Chassis

Ballbot PCB - Part 2

Ballbot PCB - Part 1

Team PI's code is now open source!

Ballbot Part 1

Electrodermal Activity

Getting drag

Robocup Junior 2015 Best Shot

Getting "yaw" bearing