Setting up the new site with AWS, Jekyll, and WSL

Over a year ago, for some reason I created my blog on Blogger. Even at the time, I knew I’d eventually want to get my own domain, host, and build my website on something better. Well recently I’ve finally done it and it was surprisingly easy. So here’s a summary of how it works:

  • The website is hosted statically on AWS S3;
  • it uses Jekyll (which is used by Github pages);
  • and uses a slightly modified version of the theme, Amplify, which uses Google AMP

To make it all work, I’ve been playing with the beta version of Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) and doing all my work there, using S3_website, Ruby, Git etc. So far the experience has been great, despite several dependencies not being installed in WSL by default that weren’t easy to find.

Migrating blog posts from Blogger was not so easy. This post provides a few Ruby scripts that help, but I still need to go through all my blog posts and fix up formatting, HTML that has been rendered as text, replace tags for images/video with Google AMP tags, and download all my images from blogger to store tham on S3. I promise I will get onto that … eventually.