Unearthed Hackathon 2017

This was my first hackathon. I walked in with a friend and formed we formed a team with a few other guys we met on the evening, and yeah, somehow we won!

Update [26 April]: Charlie has made an awesome portfolio of the project

How? We actually came up with a working solution and the team made an awesome pitch.

This year’s hackathon had Origin Energy as the main sponsor, and contestants had three industry challenges to choose from. Here’s a quick summary of what I liked.

  • We were given real data (including 30 Gb of vehicle/driver GPS data) to play with.
  • Challenges were specific but general enough to be approached very differently.
  • Judges seemed to see through the teams that faked their final solutions.
  • Industry representatives (especially from Origin) were very helpful.
  • The food awesome :)
  • The prizes are pretty good.

And what I disliked

  • Judges were all non-technical
  • River City Labs needs more space! (they’re actually moving out to the new precinct in a few weeks)
  • Unearthed seems to be very focused on accelerating teams out of hackathons into startups, even when products are clearly unfeasable (probably even ours).

Overall a great experience.