OS Life

Operating Systems, the most feared undergraduate CS class at UT … and I blindly walked into it as an {exchange student. Not just that but I’m taking the reknown [unofficial] honours class as well. Don’t get me wrong, OS is fun and an incredible learning experience. The way it’s taught is the way it should be taught. If you’re good you might be able to keep your GPA, but you’ll certainly have some long nights. Implementing a simple operating system that supports true parallelism with multiple cores, and multithreading is not easy. Conceptually it’s not that bad, but it is nearly impossible to debug.

Overall I’m glad I’m taking this course. It has honestly been incredibly rewarding and we’re only in week 6. When people give me that weird smile when I tell them I’m taking OS, I don’t regret at all :).

I was warned about taking Algorithms with Price and OS with Gheith …