Self balancing ballbot Omnidirectional self balancing robot on a ball. See video of it in action #ballbot

Soccer playing robots Built for competing in RoboCup soccer. Placed first in the international superteam competition (2015) and first in Australia (2014). #robocup

MPU-9250 SPI Library Popular arduino library for the Invensense 9-DOF IMU.

TetrisCube Solver Solver for n-dimensional tetris. #tetris


WiFree Get directions to your nearest free wifi spot using SMS.

DriveSafe Platform (React.js frontend) for giving commercial vehicle driver’s and managers frequent feedback on their driving safety & performance. Specifically catered for industries where vehicles have existing in-vehicle monitoring systems (IVMS) in place.

Scripts & Hacks

Google Calendar undo import Tool for undoing calendar imports (e.g. ical) in Google Calendar.

Python serial grapher Tool for real-time plotting large datasets (millions of data points) from serial port.


Simulating axon guidance in vivo in early stages of callosal development in mouse embryo. - Nov 2016 - Feb 2017.